Mary-Flynn.jpgMary Flynn

What a joy it is to have you meet Reggie and Rocky, those mischievous raccoons, and the mysterious Mrs. Peppel. Before these wonderful characters came along, I was a staff writer for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. Then, I went on to write stories and comprehension tests for the leading publisher of guided reading materials used in the U.S. public school system. I recently retired from my public speaking role with the Walt Disney Company to write full-time. Boy, have I had fun!

My observational humor has appeared in the Sunday New York Times, Newsday and other dailies and magazines. I like to write stories that explore our human experience with a mix of humor, pathos and irony, often with a surprising twist. I've won the Writers Digest poetry award and the Royal Palm Literary Award for fiction. You can read my prize-winning short story, Jeremiah's Orchard, in the Saturday Evening Post 2014 Great American Fiction Anthology, my Reggie and Rocky series, and Mrs. Peppel's Pillows, an RPLA finalist, all available on

I'm a proud member of the Florida Writers Association. So glad you stopped by. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. And Let me know what you think. Or call for a book signing.


Donna Craft

An amazing artist whose quirky and imaginative illustrations have delighted a generation of readers of children's books, as well as collectors of bright and visually compelling art. A master of whimsy, color and design, Donna swiftly and flawlessly interprets the story with her signature style. Her dynamic illustrations enrich every story and captivate readers, young and old alike.