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Disney's Secret Sauce...

Disney's "Secret Sauce" The Little-known Factor Behind
The Business Worlds Most Legendary Leadership


This book, written by a Disney insider, presents in detail for the first time the little known truth that serves as yet another piece of Disney’s transformational thinking. For anyone aspiring to contribute to a far better business model and an exceptional workplace culture, this is the place to start.

Margaret Ferry...

Margaret Ferry

Margaret Ferry tells the story of a somewhat ordinary family in 1950s Brooklyn whose lives and the lives of those around them are turned upside down by a series of inexplicable and mystifying events in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident. A miraculous tale of redemption and transformation that is evocative, uplifting and inspiring. 

Mrs. Peppel's Pillows

Mrs. Peppel's Pillows

There is something odd about Mrs. Peppel's pillows and about Mrs. Peppel herself. Young Lacey Medina has befriended her, but Lacey's best friend, Regina, doesn't like or trust the mysterious shopkeeper. She worries about Lacey's safety.

Where does this secretive woman go each day and what does she do when she gets there? Townspeople wonder, but only Lacey dares to find out. Before long, Lacey learns the hard way that, indeed, Mrs. Peppel does have an amazing secret along with powers that defy logic and possibility.

Lacey will have to believe the unbelieveable in this ultimately uplifting tale of trust and deceit, friendship, healing and redemption. This story was a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards.  

Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest 2014

Jeremiah's Orchard

This short story took second place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards

I can't tell you what an amazing honor it is to now also be included in The Saturday Evening Post Anthology of Great American Short Fiction. This is the anthology that published Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I can't get over it, yet here I am with a story that is very, very close to my heart. Perhaps it will be close to yours, as well.


Will Hendrik recalls the powerful event that forever changed his small hometown, and the father who met the challenge of a seemingly insurmountable responsibility. Jeremiah's Orchard evokes a deep sense of time, place and tradition, as it tells of a son's love and admiration for the man whose astonishing sacrifice became legend. 

14th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection

14th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection

This exclusive collection contains the top 25 winning entries of the 14th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition.